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little_djFriday Night: The American Voice! Join us!! Shabbat Shalom Zeeda Andrews & Ben Pam. Special Guest: Ruthi Sverdloff, A Israli woman Tennis champion to talk about Hamas. Ben and Zeeda will talk about the Ebola virus, is not long lived outside the body, is not airborne, and is not at home in these American climates. Ebola is from the deep jungles of Congo and Sudan. Sunlight/UV rays kill the virus. Transmission is similar to HIV. If Ebola is getting around, someone is making it get around. Natural disease vectors would not create a contagion epidemic, not without help from humans.

The key to remember is that Obama and DHS approved up to 15,000 Russian advisers in case of national emergency. Quarantine procedures are effectively identical to martial law. Border situation is the same thing. Frighten people to stay indoors and avoid contact one with another. Soviet Union weaponized Ebola as Marburg virus. Think about it, why did Obama authorize 15,000 Russian advisers to come here in a national emergency, one year ago? Ebola has been around for at least 20 years.

Why now all of a sudden outbreak???? The border is another bullshit story. Illegal immigrants are flying in on airplanes. The days of wetbacks are long over. The devil in the white house has you all looking at Latinos with suspicion, when the illegals flying in on jets, landing at airports all across the country, merely OVERSTAY THEIR VISA, and this is the real illegal alien problem. Also, the ones of most concern may not be Latino..
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41af374d-0f8a-4543-87a7-aeafb7bbbd41Tuesday Nights: Citizens Initiatives! with Charles Kaprowicz and round table  Sandi Toth Mike Coons. Article V Amendments and much more on sovereignty also introducing the Countermand Amendments to State Legislators! To call the host 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm eastern time. 904 302-7299



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