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 350X350zee“THE AMERICAN VOICE” is an independently produced, politically INCORRECT Talk Show.“The AMERICAN VOICE” takes political issues a step further beyond just politics by breaching the wall of separation between Church and State. We have always believed there is no such separation, pointing to the historical fact that when you examine the various religions that make up the world population you see a direct correlation between freedom and or oppression based on these belief systems. We hold the belief that the spirituality of a nation determines their morality, prosperity and happiness or lack of it.

Ben Pam“The AMERICAN VOICE” vision is to be recognized as the most controversial and provocative Talk Show on the airways. We intend to leave no stone unturned, and will hold no issue sacred. We will address the actions of this nation by all who claim to have America’s well being at heart while showing the opposite, whether it be a politician, activist, religious leader or a simple citizen for we believe the time has come for self-examination and where necessary repentance and reform. Our guests will be from all walks of life and beliefs. We will respect all but we will defend adamantly Judeo-Christian beliefs which we believe this nation was founded on and remains the necessary foundation for its survival.

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The Conservative Syndicate

Jon MatthewsMonday & Wednesday: The Conservative Syndicate” Real conservative talk from real conservatives ! Seeks to tear down this wall through education, information and engagement with those who seek uncompromising truth regarding  the religion of politics and the politics of religion.“THE CONSERVATIVE SYNDICATE” is an independently produced, politically INCORRECT Talk Show that has aired over several internet stations since 2007. Among our former homes we boast of (American Radio Network), TalkJockeys, MyCastLive, Orange County Talk Radio, BlogTalkRadio and CPR Worldwide Media. The show currently simulcasts on Patriot News Network, Northern Lights Radio, WTRU Radio and Spreaker.  It is time to reclaim our standing as “One Nation Under God”.  Hosted by Jon Matthews, Citizen by Birth, Christian By Grace, Patriot By Choice and Conservative by all that is reasonable!

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527169_103790533103536_369707401_nThe Countermand Amendment is the most important Constitutional initiative in America since the 1787 Constitutional Convention. You can have part in making history to restore our heritage and Constitutional Republic. Host & Teacher Charles Kacprowicz ,Executive Director CITIZEN INITIATIVES Charles has been the leading authority on Article V Amendments to the United States Constitution for 40+ years. He has been advancing Article V Single Issue Amendments (either through Congress or State Legislatures) for four decades. COUNTERMAND AMENDMENT The Missing Piece in the Article V Puzzle You can follow the course material live at home by ordering a copy today. Go to:

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WTF Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Show

11355374_10204580383925940_1658180145_nHosted by Vee Right and Jose Estevez. Conservative talk radio that is informative and entertaining! Un-rehearsed, Un-scripted, PG-13 but never PC!  Vee Right, Hi and thank you for vising us. I am a Christian, Constitutionalist, lover of the Bill of Rights, Pro Military, Pro Veterans, Pro Israel Patriot. I have always had a passion for politics so the transition from private business owner to patriot activist has been an easy one. My journey on this path began over a decade ago and I have been diligently informing and preparing for the tyrannical government we see today. It is my hope that we have a positive impact in returning the United States of America back to its former glory. Please enjoy our show and call in to participate. I would love to hear from you.

11355374_10204580383925940_1658180145_nJose Estevez Hello! I am a bitter clinger, a derogatory term coined by Barack Hussein Obama, meaning I cling to my guns and my Bible. I am proud to be a Christian and a gun owner and I align closely with the TEA Party values of smaller government and more personal responsibility. My love of this Constitutional Republic was passed on to me by my parents and my life experiences. I grew up in a third-world dictatorship and we returned to live in America during the Reagan years at the height of the Cold War, such a vast difference in societies couldn’t help but make an impression on a young man. I have ‘real world’ work experience in both the public and private sectors. I have been involved in politics since the days when Ross Perot was running for president. My dream has been to be involved in a talk radio show to reach as many people as possible and interact with them in a meaningful way. Words are not going to be enough, action will be required and we have a big election coming up in November that is possibly the most critical in any of our lives. Join us and let’s get to work restoring this country to its former glory.



Be sure to tune in to Zeeda, Ben Pam, Jon Matthews, and Charles Kaprowicz, Vee Right, Jose Estevez to discuss breaking news headlines, politics, military & militia news and prophecy, with some of the most interesting guests!