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★★★★ JOIN ME @ 9pm (EST) Tue & Sat ★★★★ I will be back live Jan 2 & 5 2017

“Zeeda Andrews Quest for Truth Show” It’s time to “Walk the Talk” and follow through, be the voice and not the echo, taking action for the word of truth without fear. Keeping the inner fire burning for justice and righteousness at the forefront of our lives. Seek it and speak it into existence. “Quest for Truth Show” is an independently produced, and politically INCORRECT Talk Show. I will defend adamantly Judeo-Christian beliefs, which America was founded.

To this end, this show details some prophecy matters during the most unhappy period of human existence and also how we overcome. One must understand the beginning to understand the destruction of the wicked or the End Time as most call it and who America is in End Time Prophecy and your roll in it.

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